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Monday, June 09, 2014

Sweet Dreams

The beading is going faster!  I realize it’s probably hard to see in this photo, because you’re only seeing a little bit of the edge (also it’s pouring rain outside, which doesn’t help either), but I’ve added quite a few rows to my shawl since you saw it last.

I’m using a Fleegle Beader for the beads and it’s really my first time using it.  (I tried it once before, but you need Japanese seed beads to use it and all I had was Czech seed beads at the time.  (Japanese seed beads have a more uniform and larger hole size.))  It’s similar to a crochet hook, although you kind of pop the bead over the yarn instead of pulling the yarn through the bead, but you can load it up with beads and then you don’t have a bowl of beads sitting next to you, just waiting for your cat to dump on the floor.  If your cat likes to do such things.  Mine does.

Here’s a link to my Rav project page if you’re interested!

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