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Thursday, December 11, 2014


I didn’t realize I was as close to being finished on my Mira’s Cowl as I was yesterday.  I was able to get it finished last night and Logan was happy to wear it (unblocked) this morning.  It will be longer when I block it and it should be less bouncy too.

The pattern is Mira’s Cowl, and this is the longer version, worked until I ran out of yarn.  The yarn is Mrs. Crosby Hat Box which was our camp yarn from Camp Loopy 2014.  I got the Forest Hideaway color.  I might need to overdye it with a pale blue because the greens are very yellow (all three of the camp yarn choices were warm colors this past year) and I’m not sure if I can wear it.  I’ll be playing with it later when the sun comes up.  I can wear wasabi green and lime green, but this is leaning pretty far into the pond scum greens with some other greens mixed in.  I’m planning on keeping it for myself, even if I have to tip it a little towards the blue side of green because I don’t have a green cowl.

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Blogger Merry Karma said...

It turned out quite lovely! I've been eyeing that pattern since Loopy Academy started and I think I have the perfect yarn for it. I just got it in a Secret Santa Swap. It's Special Delivery Sock by Catawampus Farms in a nice colorway called Wine on the deck.

So much yarn, so many items in the queue and so little time...

1:12 AM  

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