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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Loopy Academy, Year One, Semester Two

I finally started one of my Loopy Academy projects for this second semester!  This is the beginning of the felted project.  I know it looks like a hat, but it is actually the large bowl from Soft Porcelain Bowls (which are actually wool, not porcelain at all).  I’ll be making all of my bowls gray and the lace will be white.  The pattern calls for bulky weight yarn but I’m using two strands of Cascade 220 (worsted weight) instead.  I’ve actually cast on and started the medium bowl now, but didn’t see any reason to show you a slightly smaller hat looking thing in progress, since I’ve already got this to show you.

I chose this project because the bowls don’t have to be felted carefully to a specific size, like slippers would.  I have a HE top loader and it isn’t easy to stop mid-cycle to check and see how things are felting.  With bowls, I can just toss them in and let them go through a whole cycle (or two) and then reshape them.  That’s the plan anyway.

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Blogger Jardee Worcester said...

Did you do a test to see if your light yarn will felt properly? Sometimes white or really light colors don't felt properly, even when the yarn base is normally great at felting. I've heard it's something to do with the bleaching process, but for whatever reason, it can be really hard to get it to felt sometimes. I learned the hard way, unfortunately.

12:06 AM  

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