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Monday, April 27, 2015

A Restart

Last June (according to my Ravelry notes), I started working the Meditative Blanket as a stash buster to use up all my super wash, fingering weight leftovers.  I was using everything, warm colors, cool colors, light to dark and everything in between.  In the end, all those colors would play happily together and I’d have a scrappy blanket that Mrs. Weasley would be proud of!

I still believe that the finished blanket would have worked out well, but I didn’t like the way it was looking in the meantime.  The colors were just too All Over The Place for my slightly OCD personality (which is quite charming, I’m sure - the OCD, not the colors).  However, I’ve been doing some thinking about the blanket because I haven’t touched it since August.  Ignoring something this long usually means there’s a problem with it, so I needed to figure out what was going on.
I finally decided to sort out my colors and restart with a more defined color palette.  This time around I’m using light to medium toned cool colors only.  I’m much happier with how things look now, and I think the overall blanket will make me happier in the end as well.  I got a dozen squares crocheted yesterday once I figured out a plan.  (I plan on 24 squares per row.)  I even got the ends all woven in last night too!

I’m feeling much better about this now!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura Bryant has a video on color that talks about using a portion of the values and how they will play nicely together if the values come from a specific range. I think that's just what you did, and I love the stripe of color you have!


12:19 PM  

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