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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weaving Project #3

I'm so creative with my project names around here, aren't I?  I got the loom warped again and started a new project.  This one is another scarf using the 12 dent heddle (12 threads per inch).  Scarves are perfect for two skeins of sock yarn, and I do have a few skeins of sock yarn!  Both skeins are Fleece Artist Kidazzle yarn.  I'm using Topaz (the semi solid) as the warp and Beach House (the multi color) as the weft*.  I'm trying to remember to take a picture of the yarn unwoven so I can see how different dyeing techniques weave up, but I forgot to get the photo before I warped most of the Topaz.
I know I want to finish the scarf the same way I did the last one, so I've already hemstitched the beginning of it.  I've only gotten a little bit woven, but now that it's in the loom and ready to go, I can work on it pretty easily here and there in between doing other things around the house.  (On a completely unrelated note, the colors are more accurate in the first picture, they're very washed out in this one.)

*Just in case you're curious, the warp threads are the lengthwise threads that are put into the loom and then rolled onto the back beam.  The weft is what gets woven back and forth across the warp.  As the weft is woven, I roll the cloth onto the front beam and advance the warp so I can keep going.



Anonymous Marjorie M. said...

Beautiful colors! Nicely woven too.

4:28 PM  

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