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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weaving Project Three - Finished!

Third weaving project 
I got my third weaving project off the loom, fringe made and washed!  This was woven with my 12 dent heddle (12 ends per inch).  I used Fleece Artish Kidazzle in Topaz for the warp and I used Beach House for the weft (also Fleece Artist Kidazzle).  One of the things I really love about weaving is watching the colors play together and seeing how they combine in unexpected ways.  The picture below is the most accurate colorwise that I could get.
Third weaving project
I was going for about a 72 inch long scarf, but I lost track of where I was and I wove it longer.  When I took it off the loom, it was 81 inches long by 9-3/4 inches wide, and after washing it, I lost two inches in length and a quarter inch in width.  I made the fringe 5-1/4 inch long.  So while it's a bit longer than I originally wanted, it works really well for folding in half and pulling the ends through the fold.  The tails are long enough to stay tucked into a coat.
Third weaving project
I did get a "hair braider" to help me with the fringe and it definitely made things faster.  I got this one from Amazon.  There are some cheaper ones, but they aren't rated very well and I didn't want it breaking halfway through its first scarf.  On my previous scarf, I used my cord twister, and while it worked, it took quite a bit more time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although not electric the fringe twister is what is used by a lot of the floor loom weavers. It will let you do multiple groupings at a time.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Susanne said...

so very pretty! you're really banging out the FO's lately!! :)

12:28 AM  

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