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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Carson Throw

Carson throw. 
I've been working on the April section of my Carson Throw and I think I'm about halfway through the month's knitting.  That estimate is based on math I just did in my uncaffeinated head using numbers that I think I remember but I'm too lazy to look up.  So I might be only a quarter of the way through this month's knitting, or I could be almost finished.  Anything could happen!

I did wind another skein of color 3 (the blue green that's the ribs), and I will need to wind color 4 soon (which will be making its debut in this throw before the month is out).  Since these skeins are so huge, I hand wind them, draping the skein over my feet or my knees (depending how I'm sitting).  Last night's winding session was supervised/helped along by Max.  It took a while.  He had fun, but eventually I got it finished.  I'm hoping to wind the other skein while he's napping today.  What's funny is that the most he ever does to my knitting is slap at the ball of yarn a bit.  He isn't really playing with it, just giving it some discipline as he walks by.  Apparently, winding a skein into a ball requires a much more paws-on approach that just knitting from it.



Anonymous Christie said...

Ball winding is a very popular sport in my house too. :-) Love the colors you picked for Carson!

5:57 PM  

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