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Friday, May 27, 2016

Loopy Academy Extra Credit, Finished!

I've finished my extra credit for Loopy Academy!  I made On the Spice Market with Loopy's Solid Series yarns.  I love these yarns because they have a pretty complete color range, but they're also a nice quality superwash, soften up quite a bit when they are washed, and the fact that they come in 50g skeins, makes them affordable for color work.
One of the fun things about this design is all the colors you get to use, and this was a project that made me glad I had bought the color cards!  I used Cornflower for the main color and the contrast colors (in order from CC1 to CC6) are Pesto, Olive, Pine, Evergreen, Lake, and Navy.  This was such a fun project to knit, even though it was a lot of knitting.  I kept going just to see the next color change!

I did make one change to the pattern, on the second set of stripes, I made mine all the same size.  I had plenty of yarn, so I just worked three repeats of Section 4 in each of the colors.  This probably made my shawl a little bit bigger, but since it's essentially a wearable blanket anyway, I'm not going to sweat it.

I'm now finished with Loopy Academy for another year (Year One for sewing and Year Two for knitting), all my pictures and project details are turned in and awaiting approval!  I've decided not to do Camp Loopy this summer, but I'll be back in Loopy Academy this fall.  I'm going to be working on some random stash projects, and finishing up a few things, and sewing this summer!

Have a great weekend!

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Blogger kayT said...

I love how this turned out. It's on my to-do list (which of course does NOT mean I'll be getting to it any time soon). The colors are wonderful.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful! I love your color choices.

7:32 AM  

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