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Monday, October 03, 2016

A Little Bit of Glove, Some Bad News, And Some Good News

image I'm just about to start the hand section on my glove.  This is the cuff of the second glove.  It's moving slower than the first glove because I'm having eye issues.  You know the commercials you see on TV about dry eye?  Well, I realized that I might be having it, so I went to the eye doctor and yes, I have dry eye.

The good news is that I'm on the medicine to treat it and I've started early enough that there's no damage to my eyes due to being dry.  I also still have 20/20 vision.  The bad news is that the medicine takes a couple of months before I'll start producing more tears, so in the meantime, I'm still using artificial tears.  The reason I bring this up on the blog is that when I'm having really dry eyes, I can't really see clearly and knitting isn't any fun.  This means there's not much to feed the blog.  Eye allergies (which I also have) make the whole thing worse because allergy eye drops dry out your eye.

So, while I did find out what was going on with my eyes, there's not much I can do until the medicine starts working.  On days where my eyes are really miserable, I can't do much beyond watching TV.  Hopefully things will start to improve before Thanksgiving, and not every day is a bad eye day.  In the grand scheme of health issues, this is very, very minor, but I need to take care of my eyes, and sometimes, that's going to mean the blog will be quiet.

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Blogger kayT said...

I hope the meds work and I hope you keep sane while waiting for them to! It sounds like no fun at all.

7:07 AM  

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