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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

A New Project

Easy folded poncho 
Since finishing my cowl last week, I had a hole in my regular project rotation in the shawls/wraps/scarves category.  I have a few shawls-to-be in my stash, but I decided to grab my Churchmouse Yarns Easy Folded Poncho kit first.  Churchmouse is the yarn shop in Washington state that did the Mohair Bias Loop that I've knit multiple times.  I've always liked the look of their Easy Folded Poncho (it kind of looks like a socially acceptable adult security blanket) and I think it will work with my wardrobe, so I bought the kit earlier this year (mine is Charcoal, which is apparently sold out at the moment).

There are two yarns, you knit them together, and there is a lot of stockinette.  Someone on Ravelry figured out how to knit it so you don't have to seam it (I'll be following those directions).  At the moment it's rolling quite a bit, but I think that will block out.  If it doesn't, I could always add a crochet edge to make it behave.  It's very soothing to knit, and super simple.  That's the genius in the Churchmouse designs, they're simple and relaxing to knit, but also very wearable.  If I love this as much when I finish it as I think I will, there might be another one or two in my future.  I think it might be nice in a color or two!



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