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Friday, February 10, 2017

Ashburn and a Really Great Cause

I've started striping the second color in my Ashburn!  This is (of course) very exciting to me because now there are little polka dots of the blue green color in the taupe. I am highly amused by the little polka dots.  Here's a close up so that you can also be highly amused by the little polka dots.
Aren't they fun?

On a serious note, yesterday I got my hair cut and as I was chatting with my stylist she started telling me about a mission trip she's taking to India in March.  She's working with Grace House over there, which works with girls who are orphaned or for various reasons, given up by their families.  One of the things they try to do is give the older girls and women skills so they can support themselves and when they found out that Bobbi is a stylist they asked if she could train some of the women there.  So, in about a month she will be going to India to teach 60 women the basics of cutting hair.  She'll also be helping them treat head lice, which is apparently a huge problem there, and she's trying to put together some basic hair cutting kits so the women she will train have the tools to continue after she leaves.  She's very excited to be doing this, but the idea took off so quickly, it has left her with very little time to get everything together.  She's started a Go Fund Me page to raise money to purchase the supplies and the local Sally's Beauty Supply has agreed to give her a bulk discount when she buys everything.  I thought I'd mention it here because as (most of us are) women, we all know what a difference a good haircut can make, but with this project, haircuts could potentially change these young women's lives.  I think this is truly a case where something we take for granted (and honestly can seem kind of silly in the grand scheme of Big Things That are Happening in the world) could open doors and new opportunities to women and their families.  If you'd like to donate, even just a little bit, here's the link to her page.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope each of you has a great weekend!



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