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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Meandering Along

Meandering shawl 
I've gotten a few more back and forth switches on my Meandering Shawl finished.  It's too big to stretch out fully on the needles at this point and it kind of looks like a sleeve in the photo, but you're looking at the center spine of the shawl in this photo.

I think I've definitely gotten a handle on the brioche stitch (both purling and knitting in brioche) at this point and it's also going faster.  Of course the rows are getting longer too, so my times probably balance out in the end.  It also doesn't help that I periodically have to spread it out and admire the way the sparkle fluff yarn and the singles yarn are playing together.  The fabric of the brioche knitting itself is just so squeezably fluffy too!

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