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Monday, August 14, 2017


Bentley cardigan 
I'm moving right along on my Bentley Cardigan.  I know that compared to the Beccs Cardigan I just finished in 10 days, my progress looks glacial, but not only is this project fingering weight (compared to worsted weight), but the gauge is pretty tight as well.  This should make for a cardigan that lasts forever which is perfect for a design that I'm pretty sure will get a lot of wear.  I have a store bought cardigan in ivory cashmere that I lived in last fall, winter, and spring and the lines of the Bentley cardigan are very similar.

I'm almost to the division of the sleeves from the body and I've now done enough on the fronts that you can see the texture.  The texture stitch is only on the fronts; the sleeves and back are stockinette.  This makes the finished sweater interesting, but the knitting moves quickly.  Or at least as quickly as fingering weight knitting at this gauge can move.  Forward progress!



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