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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lightweight Pullover

Lightweight pullover 
My Lightweight Pullover (this really needs a better name) is moving along quickly.  It's almost to the place where the sleeve stitches go on holders.  I've also started working from two balls of yarn.  I don't usually start alternating on a top down sweater until the sleeve stitches are separated from the body, but the turtleneck took so much yarn, I was afraid I wouldn't have much of the first skein to work in if I waited that long.  I also like to keep part of each skein set aside and divided for the sleeves, so I'll probably be joining the third skein soon after the sleeve separation.

It's a good thing this is such a simple sweater.  Between changing the stitch count for the neck, adding short rows, having to compensate for the changed stitch count in the raglan increase section, and working from more than one ball of yarn at a time, I've made it plenty complicated.  Thankfully, KnitCompanion lets me put a bunch of notes in, so I can keep up with where I am (and what I'm doing).  Also, I'll be glad to have those notes if I ever want to knit this again.  This feels like the kind of design that I'm going to be knitting more than once.



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