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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Round and Round

Granny goes large 
I've added quite a few more rounds to my big Granny Square blanket since I showed it to you last week.  I've found I can work on it while Caleb and I do History, so the blanket comes to homeschool!  Max has also discovered that it is in fact a blanket and he has begun testing its warming capabilities.  He doesn't even get upset when I turn it to work on the next side or flip it to work the next round.

I've got a few ends that I need to weave in again, so the next time I sit down with it, that's what I'll be doing.  Apparently granny squares (especially big ones) can start to twist and rotate and become not square.  (This is my first time making a granny square, so I have no first hand experience of this.)  Here's a tutorial with tips to prevent that.  I'm doing both the "Shifting Corners" and the "Turn and Turn About" techniques and my blanket lays flat and square (when I lay it down on something flat).  When I weave in ends, I've been leaving the ends from the last three rounds so I can easily figure out which corner to start in.  Going back and forth on the working side means I do have yarn ends on both sides of the blanket, but they're not hard to weave in and when the blanket is finished, it will essentially be reversible.

Working under the blanket-in-progress with all the bright, fun colors makes me happy and warm.  Since the wind chill was 2 degrees (F) here this this morning, that's a good thing!

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