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Monday, April 30, 2018

Slowly But Surely

I have a little bit of knitting progress to show!
Smaug socks
I have been doing a tiny bit of knitting over the last week (just a little bit each day and I stop as soon as I feel discomfort).  I've actually been able to finish my first Smaug sock and I've just made it past the heel turn on the second!  (For reference, a pair of socks usually takes me four to six days to knit both socks.)  Clearly, I'm not able to knit at my usual speed yet, but I'm able to do some and that's keeping me sane.

I can tell that my shoulder/upper arm is better than it was, but it's taking longer to heal than I want it to.  (Big surprise, right?)  Now that I am able to knit some, I'll be popping in more often to show what I've done.  I probably won't be back to my usual 4-5 times a week for a while yet, but when I have progress, I'll show it off!



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