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Thursday, October 11, 2018

New Footie Socks

Footie socks 
After finishing up my Green Dragon socks, I immediately wound yarn for a new pair of socks.  The yarn was Malabrigo Sock in Aniversario.  Once the skein was wound, I noticed that while the outside of the skein was mostly raspberry, fuschia, and plum tones with little bits of all the other colors (as Aniversario usually is), the center of the skein had more blues, greens, and purples.  I knew if I knit a regular pair of socks, the socks would be different colors, despite being knit from the same skein.  So I changed gears and decided to knit footie socks instead.  I will be able to get two pairs of footie socks from the skein.  Just for fun, I decided to use my leftovers of Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Lollipop leftover from my Smaug socks earlier this year for toes and heels.  I started with the end of the Aniversario skein that's more blues and greens than reds. 

I'm ready to start the heel on the second sock at this point, so as usual, these little socks are practically falling off the needles.  I haven't decided yet, but I might use the leftovers of Racing Green for heels and toes with the more red end of the skein.  Just to mix things up a bit!



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