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Tuesday, July 28, 2020


So you may have noticed that the number of projects I'm completing has dropped off a bit, and while part of that is due to a certain dark chocolate angel with poor impulse control around yarn (we are working on it, and he is learning), there's another reason I haven't been getting as much knitting done.  I've been getting Caleb ready to go off to college!

He will be going to Texas A&M Galveston this fall to study marine sciences!  Yes, we have a Sea Aggie!

He is actually a sophomore transfer student because last year he was undecided on his major so he stayed here and took classes at a local community college.  He used the year to re-adapt to classrooms and teachers that aren't his mom after homeschooling for six years.  He also got a bunch of those core class requirements out of the way that all schools require, regardless of the degree program.  He did really well in his classes and in January when he decided what he wanted to study we were thrilled to find it here in Texas.

This year has had more downs than ups, but this was definitely an up for our family.  We're going to miss him so much, but this is an amazing opportunity for him and we couldn't be prouder or more excited for him!

I'll be back here when I have something to show, but between now and late August I'm primarily focused on getting everything in order for Caleb, while keeping Newton (who's teething) from eating everything.  That reminds me, I need to refill the squirt bottle...


Blogger Kathy S said...

Good luck to Caleb!! And good luck to you on adjusting to the empty nest.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember taking my one and only son to college like it was yesterday. - but it was 16 years ago. Time flies. He went to Humboldt State University - about a five hours drive from the Bay Area. It's in a pretty isolated area of the Northern California coast, but gorgeous. It's super expensive to fly from Humboldt to the Bay Area, so he was lucky to make friends with one of his fellow jocks who was happy to share the drive. I enjoyed my empty nest but missed my son like crazy. Good luck with the little teething monster!

9:14 PM  

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