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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Its a Fuzzy Black Square!!!

This is one of the fronts for the cardigan pictured. Can you contain your excitement? I know there's nothing more interesting on a blog than a black, stockinette stitch sweater, but hey, that's what I'm knitting right now. I'm doing it in black La Gran from Classic Elite, and I even included the button I'm going to use. Its a dichroic glass square with all kinds of colors on it. If you're curious, the pattern is in the Vogue Knitting from Winter '99/'00. The original cardigan has pockets, which I'm not doing, and it doesn't have a button. I've knit this once before in a completely different yarn and without the button, it kept moving around too much and wasn't keeping me warm at all. I ended up sewing a fancy hook and eye thingy to it, but this time, I will put in a buttonhole, since I (supposedly) know what I'm doing. I've almost got the sleeves done, but I checked the yardage required versus the yardage I have and I'm a few yards short, so I stopped the sleeves before the sleeve cap shaping and I'll knit the fronts, the back and the hood, then see how much yarn I have left. I hope to have enough to make the sleeves long enough to turn back, but we'll see. I've never stopped sleeves before halfway though, so I feel like I haven't really done very much on this sweater since I don't have a finished piece yet. I have recently started knitting sleeves first, since for some reason, I hate knitting sleeves. That way they are over and done with, and since I also hate doing gauge swatches (I know, bad Melanie, bad Melanie), I use the sleeves as gauge swatches.


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