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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Spinning and Knitting and Spinning and Knitting...

I've been busy, busy, but not much that's interesting for blog pictures. Here is about 1/4 ounce of the Combed Mongolian Cashmere Top I got a few weeks ago. Its just wonderful to spin and it has a gorgeous sheen to it that doesn't really show up here. I don't know what kind of yardage I'm getting, but it does seem to be a lot. I'll know more once I ply it. I've also been spinning the Jewel toned Merino/Tencel blend on my wheel and that is also really great to spin. It just zips through my fingers and leaps onto the bobbin. I'll show you a picture once I get a bobbin full. I've been knitting on Oasis and have finished the front and started the back last night. So far there have been no more technological mishaps (I've been putting the earphone cords over my shoulder). I'm also working along on the Feather and Fan wrap. It looks the same as it did in the last picture, only bigger. I'm going to get some work done outside today on the yard. I've got to add some stepping stones to our front garden. Its right next to the driveway and we tend to tromp through it, so its either stepping stones or an electric fence. Somehow, I think the Homeowner's Association might get into a snit about an electric fence, so stepping stones it is!


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