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Friday, May 27, 2005

Two Feet, Two Socks

I finally started the second sock from my spindle spun Romney lamb's wool and alpaca. I finished the first one back in March or early April. To refresh your memory, this is a three ply yarn with each of the plys dyed a different color (teal, blue, and violet) with the Wilton's cake decorating colors. The sock in progress likes breezy, warm days, laying in the hammock and long walks on the beach - actually, its never been to the beach, but it might get to go to swimming lessons next week. For some reason, the second sock seems to be going much faster than the first one, but I have no idea why.

In other news, I might have lost my mind. Feel free not to comment on that one, Mom. I've been thinking that it might be fun to have a Hazel Rose square loom. They remind me of the little hot pad weaving things we had growing up, but these are more for "big girls." I think Caleb might get a kick out of weaving on it too, and with weaving, you can use singles, where with knitting singles will make your fabric bias. Does anyone have one of these? How do you like it? How much do you use it? Try to talk me out of it!

Finally, I went to Target this morning and they are carrying the Boots line of cosmetics and body treatments from the UK. I have heard of this brand but until now it wasn't available in the US so I'd never gotten to try it. I picked up some lip balm and a body butter sampler just to play with. If this stuff is as good as I've heard, I'll definitely be getting some more!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can so knit with singles, no bias, no problems. Try not to overtwist, just enough to hold the stuff together. After you set the twist, if the skein only twists up to 1 1/2 times or so, there won't be any bias. Lots of commercial yarns are singles, too. Don't be afraid!


9:10 AM  

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