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Thursday, June 02, 2005


I finished the lazy socks! Just to recap, they were a spindle spun 3 ply of Romney lamb's wool and alpaca. I dyed the singles individually before I plyed the yarn (teal, royal blue, and violet by Wilton's). FYI, if the sock on the left looks more purple or blue, that's because the teal singles in that yarn was a little finer than the teal singles in the right sock's yarn. I'm OK with not quite identical socks, if I wanted identical, I could buy them. Just one of the joys of handspun!

As you can see, the lazy socks are holding the beginnings of another pair of socks. These are also handspun. The yarn is a 3 ply of Gulf Coast Native Improved (GCNI) and mohair. The wool is dyed a royal blue and the mohair is a Kelly green so when its spun together, it makes all kinds of blues and greens and yeah, you guessed it, blue greens! Its called Oceania and its from Running Moon Farm. I'm doing a wiggly line pattern of purl stitches on the instep and will continue it in the cuffs. Its supposed to look kinda like seaweed or ocean currents so I will call these socks the Seaweed Socks. I'm always amazed at how amused I am with knitting a stitch pattern. Even when I know what its going to look like, its so much fun to knit while I watch the pattern develop on whatever it is I'm working on. I know part of it has to do with me being easily amused. We won't even get into how much fun I have with varigated yarns and tweedy yarns.


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