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Friday, July 29, 2005

Fridays are for Slacking

Well, as you have guessed by the picture and the title, there is nothing new going on around here. I've got about 47 more rows in the Peacock Feathers Shawl of Neverendingness. Its green, you've seen it. It is behaving, but at this point it has about 400 stitches in each row and will be almost 500 stitches per row by the time I'm done. I try not to think of that. It makes me woozy. I haven't touched the sleeves since you last saw them but hope to get them done this weekend. The soul-sucking, happiness quenching heat seems to be giving us a break here for a few days, so we're all in better spirits around here (except Ramius, he likes the heat and doesn't go outside anyway). Anyway, not much to report here. On Monday there will be Big News. Huge. Come back and see for yourself.

Just to make sure you don't feel that your time was wasted by coming over to Pink Lemon Twist today, I have a little something for you. If you haven't decided where to take your summer vacation yet, here is a map to someplace interesting. I don't know of any yarn stores on the way, but you might check with the locals. And just in case you were wondering, go here to get some travel tips and read the diaries of others who have gone there. Its always useful to find out what others have found interesting on a vacation you're planning isn't it? Well, get packing, you don't have much Summer left before the kids have to be back in school.


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