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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Parts is Parts

I finished the last sleeve to Caleb's sweater last night. I've got all the pieces blocking after I washed them. I'm going to rewash the sweater again after its finished just to make sure I got all of the spinning oil out of it and I think I'm going to skein the yarn still on the cone and wash it too. I don't really have yarn storage space for cones and I don't know how the oil might affect the yarn over the long run. I'm glad to finish this up. It was a nice brainless and quick project, perfect for summer.

It has been really hot and sticky here lately. We've had heat advisories during the day, its already 92 degrees at 9:00 and its been raining most nights. When we wake up in the morning, there is condensation all over the windows and you can't really see outside. Ramius finds that yelling at the top of his kitty lungs is the best way to deal with it since he really wants to look at birds. If the sun doesn't come out and he's cold (he's a cat, he's only happy at temps of 85 and above), he walks around yelling at the sky. If there are no birds at the feeder and he's awake to watch them, he walks back and forth at the back door yelling. (So far, the birds haven't really come flocking in at his command, but you have to give him points for persistence.) Naturally, seeing as how he deals with anything that doesn't quite work out to his plans, he feels that yelling at the windows will surely scare them into cleaning themselves up. So basically, every morning for about a week, once we wake up, the cat walks the floor hollering for 45 minutes to an hour before he gives up/gets tired/forgets what he's hollering about/realizes he needs a bath and goes to sleep. Caleb has been dealing with the heat in other ways. For the most part, he's been staying inside, which is fine as I don't really want to sit outside either, but the few times we've had to run errands (silly things like making groceries and other non essentials), the kid can go from sweet, happy little boy to fussy, sassy demon in training all in the space it takes to walk out of the store and walk to the car. Its an amazing transformation really. Once there is enough air conditioning applied to the child, which usually isn't until we get home since we live pretty close to the stores, he returns to his normal, sweet self.

I haven't decided what will replace Caleb's sweater on the needles yet, but what with everyone's issues around here, it probably will be pretty basic, straightforward knitting.


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