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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Seaweed Sayonara

One last shot of the finished Seaweed Socks swimming with a Virginia Carpet Dolphin. You know, with this kind of nature photography, I'm expecting to hear from National Geographic any day now. Where else can you view these dolphins in their natural habitat swimming with knitwear?

Anyway, I got the socks finished as you can see, and I started knitting on the Easter Egg sock yarn that I spun sometime around Easter. I also finished spinning the first bobbin of Falkland and I'm on the second one. I think I've decided to make the yarn 3 ply. After messing around with the singles and seeing what the sizes would be and how the yarn would look, I think I like the 3 ply best. Its a nice, bouncy yarn and will let me do anything I want to stitch wise. (Cables show up best in 3 or more plies.)

Yesterday was rainy and grey and perfect for getting spinning and knitting done. Last night we had a really big storm (as in, "Mickael the sky just turned green, we're going to die!" kind of storm) and the electricity went out for about 4 hours. Lightning struck really close to our house and set off the smoke detectors which is always fun too, so I'm off to find more caffeine this morning or I won't make it to lunchtime. Have fun today!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you had better guard those Virginia Carpet dolphins! They must be an endangered species!! :)
Caleb's Grandmother

12:16 AM  

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