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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Still Knitting

I know I said that when I got back that I would show you all how to do Kitchener Stitch without having to do Kitchener Stitch, but I'm still working on the sock. Finally. Knit. Past. Heel. I hate how long the heel turn takes doing socks this direction, but I'm really loving this sock pattern. I hope to get the foot knit today and then maybe tomorrow I can show you how to cheat at Kitchener. Or maybe we'll have pictures of Ramius instead. Who knows. I like to live dangerously around here. Tune in tomorrow....


Blogger spice girl said...

Brilliant! Even when I lived in Kitchener I couldn't seem to master the kitchener stitch.
Love it love it!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous LB said...

Hi Melanie, I'm trying to print your Bristow sweater pattern and the www.knitty.com site prints with whole sections missing. Where can I find a copy that will print ALL the instructions??? I LOVE the pattern but can't fax only parts of it to my mother-in-law to knit. THANKS!!!

2:37 PM  
Anonymous como hacer posicionamiento web said...

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4:02 AM  

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