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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Twisted Kitten

I've started on the second Pink Lemon Twisty Sock - I'm through the ribbing and the first repeat for the leg. I've had help working on it though. Ramius decided the most helpful thing he could do was to sit on my lap while I was knitting (love that - knitting with the cat - its great) but then to just make the experience really amazing, he started moving his tail around, which then flipped into my working yarn, which made him upset, which made him flip it harder, which then got wrapped up in my working yarn, so I had to untangle his tail from the yarn every few seconds. Fun. Really. Nothing like knitting with a cat who's switching his tail back and forth like a puppy on speed. Ramius has been a wonderful knitting cat since I learned how to knit. His favorite thing for me to knit is shawls because I can drape them over him while I knit. He doesn't really like socks much after the gusset because at that point they are long enough to hit him as I knit them. Last night he was a little more opinionated in his anti sock stance.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the diet he just started?


Blogger Michelle said...

Its been too long since we've seen a Ramius picture! My cat does the same thing with the sock yarn when he sits on my lap, but then just after its twisted around his tail he decides to jump and walk away... while my skein goes with him! I think its on purpose.

7:15 PM  

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