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Monday, October 30, 2006

Cough, Gasp, Wheeze...

This weekend I was sick*. As in Please-Kill-Me-Now-I'm-Dying-Anyway sick. It all started with a really, really bad sore throat. (I actually lay awake one night seriously considering that decapitation couldn't possibly hurt this much - I've been reading a Vampire book, but still.) It also sucked all of the energy right out of my body. Climbing the stairs made me want to take a nap. Well, I'm not dead yet and thankfully Mickael was an absolute Saint this weekend and corralled Caleb and Finn for me. But what do you do when your whole body hurts? Knitting takes too much effort, but I found that I could spin. So spin I did. You are looking at the fourth bobbin of singles for the cabled Merino and Kid Mohair yarn. Did you catch that? I'm halfway through the last bobbin of this! Can I get a big WooHoo?! I'm in shock that I'm this close to finishing the singles. I think the plying will go pretty fast, even though I have to ply twice, so I'm looking forward to that part.

I've realized though, that while I blog about spinning fairly frequently, I don't think I've introduced both of my little spinning buddies. On the left is Happy, I think you've met her before. Caleb let me put her on my spinning wheel pretty soon after I got it (but he takes her away if I upset him and make him do something he doesn't want to, like eating new food or something horrible like that). We have two or three sheep from the various Fisher-Price sets we have around here, so logically, Caleb assumed one of them should sit on my spinning wheel, sheep being the source of wool and all that.

On the right is Gribolley Nibbitt. Caleb named him too, and he's only been sitting on the spinning wheel a couple of months, but he just got named a couple of weeks ago. I had realized that my little spinning dragon didn't have a name, so I asked Caleb what his name was. Now with Caleb you never really know what he'll name something. He named a stuffed cat that looks a lot like Ramius, "Post Office," but he wanted to name Finn, "Nice Doggy." He also just recently suggested "Pumpkin" for a name for a Jack O Lantern. So, I didn't really know if he would go creative or literal when he named the dragon. As soon as I asked him what the dragon's name was, he just said "Gribolley Nibbitt." No hesitation, no thinking about it, just blurted out the name. I thought that was a wonderful name for a dragon, but didn't know if it would stick, so I asked him again about a week later. Again, "Gribolley Nibbitt." I have no idea how he remembered the name. So, now you know. I spin with Happy and Gribolley Nibbitt. And we're almost done with the neverending Merino/Kid Mohair. We're thrilled!

*I'm not usually as sick as I've been this Fall, but I think its just the adjustment to school. When Caleb started Preschool, I thought he was trying to kill me with all the wonderful germs he brought home. Now that we're in a different school, there are different germs to develop resistance to. And aren't they fun?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehehe that name is so cute, my son just calls his dragon (we have the same one), um, Dragon. LMAO. Maybe I should start asking him what his Little People's names are, could be interesting.

Hope your felling better now, or will be better soon.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you have been so sick!!! I hope you are feeling better!! Glad you at least felt like spinning!

10:40 AM  
Blogger Opal said...

First, here's your big WOOHOO! Second, I really need a spinning mascot! Only I don't think there's anyplace to put him on my Matchless. Maybe I should just get a new wheel so I can have a super cute mascot. That ain't crazy is it? I hope you feel better soon.

3:42 AM  

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