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Friday, December 14, 2007

Not Much Today, Busy, Busy!

I'm trying to get everything wrapped and shipped that has to be shipped, and seeing as I have drug out everyone's gift (including the one's that stay here), I need to get those sorted out and wrapped if possible today too. Otherwise I have to get them put away again before a certain little boy gets home from school this afternoon. Busy, busy, busy!

Oh, and if you're still Christmas shopping yourself, have you checked out Etsy? They've got something for everyone. Don't believe me? Try the search feature. Have someone who likes pink? Search for pink things. Buying for someone who collects mooses? Search for Mooses! Need toys? They've got your toys too - made by an actual person, not a large corporation more concerned about it's bottom line than your kid's safety, so hey - no worries about lead paint and date rape drugs being part of Santa's gift bag! I did some of my shopping on Etsy and will be doing even more next year, so go take a look!


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