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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

You would think that having a name like "Gray Mist" would be my first clue that I should knit it in daylight...


I've gotten a little bit more done on the Bohus Gray Mist. There are several increase rounds in this area, and after I got confused on the first increase round, I realized I need to use lots of markers and work when I won't be distracted by riveting tales of Noodle Hockey from PE. Needless to say, this has limited my knitting time a bit. I'm on round 22 (or 23 - I can't remember), but I know I have another increase round on round 25 and round 30, then there's a bit of straight knitting (but with colors) so I should be able to get going again once I clear the increase rounds. The other thing that's currently slowing me down is that the colors of the yarn are so close (the round on the needle and the two right below it all have two different colors of yarn) in this section that they don't show up as different in artificial light. If I really look at them, I can tell, and the yarn balls are marked with color numbers, but just by knitting along, it takes more than a glance to know which color I'm using and which color I need to use. I think it would be best to knit this section of pale, creamy grays in daylight, when I've got truer colors.

Last time I showed this, someone asked in the comments what yarn it was - this is the wool/angora blend yarn included in the kit. For more information about ordering a kit I've put links in previous posts (I'm feeling a bit link-lazy today), and if you click the Bohus Knitting tag at the end of the post, you can see all the Bohus posts, including the one with the purchasing links.

OK, I have to admit that last night I saw an Appleb**'s commercial and got a little freaked out by the talking apple - anyone else get the heebie jeebies from that one?

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Anonymous Sharon T said...

Your Gray Mist is so pretty, can't wait to see more of it. I agree about the creepy talking apple - especially after yesterdays post.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Re: the talking apple.

YES! It weirds me out sooooo much.

Also, Gray Mist is looking lovely...I cannot wait to see how it works up! :-)

10:16 AM  
Blogger Horse 'n' Round said...

Especially considering that the talking apple is the same voice as the skunk from Over the Hedge. Can't stand those commercials! (Of course, I'm not fond of the restaurant, either.)

That yarn looks so gorgeous to work with! Way too warm for our climate, though. But looking forward to seeing how Grey Mist progresses!

10:47 AM  
Blogger Knittripps said...

I hate the talking apple commercials. That apple is really annoying.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Lyz said...

Your Gray Mist is gorgeous. I was at Susanna Hannson's Bohus Workshop last weekend and fell in love with the Mists too. Hang in there and perservere. The reward in the end will be well worth the time and patience.

4:59 PM  

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