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Friday, March 07, 2008

While I'm showing you things without actually showing you anything...

...I thought I'd show you the yarn I'm using for the second sock design. This is Apple Laine's Apple Pie yarn in Dark Chocolate. This sock is the first time I've ever used this sock yarn either and yummy is about the best way to describe it. It's a combo of wool, silk and mohair and while there is less elasticity than 100% wool would have, it's so soft and drapey and really feels nice to knit with. At some point, I really must learn not to knit pattern socks in dark colors, because showing color accurately and detail well at the same time is not easy. For pattern photography purposes, I'll sacrifice on color accuracy to show stitch detail, but ideally, I'd get both.
I'm going to try to finish this sock this weekend and get more done on my lace cardi sleeves. When I get the cardi finished I'll give details about changes I've made to the pattern so for those of you interested in the knots, hang in there. I'd love to get that cardi done this next week so I can wear it!
Have a good weekend!


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