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Monday, May 05, 2008

MDS&W Part 1

Saturday morning I was dragging everyone out of bed and out the door to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I was there for the shopping and the sheep. They (Caleb and Mickael) were there for food on a stick. There were cuddly sheep. (All together now: AWWWWW!)
There were sheepdogs showing their stuff (and sheep being a bit sassy to the dogs - there was a brief attempt at staring down the dog at one point). This is the first time I'd watched the dogs in a couple of years and I must say that the obedience level of these dogs really puts Finn to shame. When the handler said, "Down" the dog went from a fast trot to a down in a split second. The dog actually slid into the down and the dirt kicked up, it went into down so quickly. Finn hears "Down" and stares at us for a minute, then leisurely puts his butt down and slides lazily into a full down position with a dramatic sigh. The whole act of Finn going into down takes a couple of minutes. There is no dust to settle at that speed. I guess I should be thankful that Finn isn't in charge of helping me with sheep. I'd have no sheep left. Maybe that's what happened to Little Bo Peep - she had the wrong kind of dog.
There was also shopping. I'm only showing the fiber today, I'll show the yarn tomorrow, and what I've already started knitting later this week. From left to right: 3+ ounces of REALLY sparkley batt from Loop on Etsy, a four ounce ball of roving (I have two more roving balls the same size I didn't show) of Forget Me Not from Three Bags Full, and a huge bag of Blue Blend roving from Kid Hollow Farm. The Kid Hollow Farm roving will be a sweater and the Forget Me Not will probably be a vest.

Oh, and if you were wondering if there was food on a stick? Mickael and Caleb ate their way around the fairgrounds and practically spent as much on food as I did on stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Lovely roving you're showing there, it'll be great yarn. Glad you had a good trip.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

Love the sparkly fiber :) Also Kid Hollow Farm has some great fiber to play with.
Good for you!

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the little lambs in their little coats! I'm glad to hear Finn is a proper Golden Retriever!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Dj said...

I have a golden retriever, too. Your description of Finn's idea of "Down" is exactly Dixie's description as well.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Knittripps said...

Shiloh would not a good sheep dog either. He is a good house Golden though :)

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comments about Finn and "down" made me laugh. Our beloved Lab is the same way, with that same "look." She is so spoiled that we are blessed she is such a good, loving dog. And darned lucky, too!

10:09 PM  

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