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Monday, July 07, 2008

A Big Sigh of Relief

I have finished what I needed to do for the book sock and I actually got the pieces of Oblique blocked this weekend! Since I've got to wait for them to dry before I can sew them together and do the bands for them, I was able to start my next project.

October Frost Sleeves

What is it? These are the sleeves* for October Frost from A Fine Fleece. I fell in love with this design (and just about every other design in this book) and knew as soon as I saw it I wanted to use Peace Fleece to knit it. If you've never used Peace Fleece before, it's a blend of wool and mohair using fiber from the US and regions in the former USSR. It's not the kind of yarn you'd use for next to the skin things, but it makes great outerwear, cardigan types of garments and with the mohair, it will stand up to lots of wear. It does get softer with use and washing, and the mohair blooms a bit, but it will never get next to skin soft or bloom into a fuzzy haze like some other mohair yarns. I'm using Samantha Katya Pink which is really not very pink at all - it's more of a dark rasberry red. The color in the photo is pretty accurate. I get my Peace Fleece from Kary at the Knotty Sheep.

*Since these sleeves are supposed to be folded back, I reversed the ribbing halfway up the cuff so that the rib would fold into itself smoothly - so far that's the only thing I've changed.



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