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Friday, September 05, 2008

All the Details about the Basic Chic Hoodie

Since all I have to show today is a bit of red sleeve (I'm not to the striping yet), I thought I'd tell you what changes I've made to the original stripe pattern to fit my gauge as well as give color numbers of the yarns I'm using. I'll also enter this into the Ravelry project page for this sweater so if you ever need this info, that will probably be the easiest way to find it rather than plowing through pages of Pink Lemon Babble.

The pattern is the Basic Chic Hoodie from Bonne Marie. The stripe pattern came from the J. Roberts pullover (scroll down below the armwarmers for the original pattern). The yarn I'm using is Elann Peruvian Highland Wool in the worsted weight.

I'm getting 6 rows per inch in this yarn which is the correct row gauge for this pattern. The row gauge for the stripe pattern is 5 rows per inch. The original stripe pattern is 62 rows long, which at 5 rows per inch comes to about 12.5 inches. In my actual row gauge, if I knit the stripe pattern as written, it would be only 10.3 inches long. Since I really liked the look of the original stripe design, I needed to make some changes to the stripes to get that same look in my gauge. I figured that I needed to have a stripe section that was 75 rows instead of 62 rows, so I needed to add 13 rows. As luck would have it, the two stripes that would be most affected by the change in row gauge were the wide orange stripe at the top and the wide dark blue stripe at the bottom, so I decided to add the extra rows to those two stripes, making them about 3 inches wide, which was their approximate size in the original stripe design. OK, still with me? Here is the stripe pattern as I'm working it (to see the original stripe pattern, please see the above link).
  • 18 rows Orange
  • 3 rows Periwinkle
  • 3 rows Magenta
  • 1 row Cream
  • 2 rows Magenta
  • 2 rows Orange
  • 5 rows Turquoise
  • 5 rows Purple
  • 1 row Cream
  • 1 row Periwinkle
  • 2 rows Orange
  • 2 rows Black
  • 3 rows Red
  • 1 row Cream
  • 3 rows Turquoise
  • 1 row Cream
  • 2 rows Turquoise
  • 2 rows Magenta
  • 18 rows Dark Blue

Here are the color numbers and amounts I'm using - I'm making the 38 inch size so these will work for that size and the 36 inch size Basic Chic Hoodie. (The color names might not be the exact names Elann uses, just go by the color numbers.)

  • Orange #3052 (2 balls)
  • Periwinkle #1700 (1 ball)
  • Magenta #1890 (1 ball)
  • Cream #100 (1 ball)
  • Turquoise #4144 (2 balls)
  • Purple #1012 (1 ball)
  • Black #500 (1 ball)
  • Dark Blue #1715 (2 balls)

If you're working a larger size sweater you will definitely want to have more yarn, except for the Black and Cream - I think 1 ball of each of those will do just about any size. The Red I'm using is #2055 and it's a good, true red. I'm not sure how much I'll use of the Red - I bought 10 balls but I'm 99% sure it isn't going to take that much - I'll know when I'm done. So there it is, all the gory details about this sweater, if you care. I hope you have a great weekend!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chic Hoodie is looking great. I really like your stripes and the colors.

Run over to my blog and check out today's entry.... there's a little something for you there.


5:48 PM  

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