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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wabenschal Wednesday


You know how I said I would give Wabenschal updates on Fridays? Forget that. Here it is so far and it measures about a yard long (36 inches) unstretched so I'm figuring I'm somewhere around the halfway point, or so. The Wabenschal is not so scientific. It will tell me when I'm done. Every repeat worked adds about 2 inches to what will be the finished, blocked length and repeats are only 14 rows. (It's not opened up to it's full width in the above picture, it's actually much less pointy than it appears.)

This actually does work up very quickly when I work on it, but the key here is "when I work on it." I've been cranking out socks and cardis and the poor Wabenschal has just been neglected. I say this because I don't want anyone to be thinking, "Wow, I really liked that Wabenschal pattern, but it's taken the Pink Lemon 14 years to get to the halfway point. It must be really difficult and time consuming because she can knit a cardi in about 3 weeks and that's with knitting the body twice." Please don't write off the Wabenschal just because of how long I've been messing with it. It's totally my own fault for slacking off. Poor little Wabenschal!



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