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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Second Sock Syndrome - Almost Cured!


I'm on my second to last second sock! (Got that?) I originally had four socks that needed seconds - the originals to the Air - Elements Sock Pattern and the originals to the Visions of Sugarplums collection. I've completed the Air second socks and as you can see, I'm almost done with the second sock for New Fallen Snow. Then it's on to the Visions of Sugarplums second sock and I'm through with second socks. Whew!

I love this sock pattern - it's really easy and since it's an 8 stitch repeat, you can easily plug it into another size or gauge if you're making it for someone other than a woman with a medium foot (or using a yarn heavier than standard sock weight). I might make Mickael a pair of socks in this pattern (in a more manly color) because the texture of the stitch pattern reminds me of the texture that gets stamped into the steel on loading docks. I mean, can you get any more manly than loading dock socks? Didn't think so.

I can tell you for sure though, that the next pair of socks I start will be a really easy stitch pattern (can we say "brainless"?) and I'll do both socks before moving on to another pair. I really wanted to start something new, but I could feel these second socks hanging over my head and I didn't want a guilt trip from a sock. Fortunately, I have sock time built into the schedule M-F in the pick up line to get Caleb. We live close enough to his school that he doesn't get bussed, but far enough that I feel like it's too far for him to walk. The new school has a pick up system that was probably developed by engineers with too much time on their hands. Our school in Virginia had a pretty standard pick up routine, but this one makes the Virginia pick up look like amateur hour. I won't get into details but let me tell you, when the school secretary was explaining the pick up routine when we signed Caleb up for the new school here, Mickael and I were pretty sure that we would be asked to home school him when we messed up the line on our first day. We were more stressed out about the pick up than we were about how much he actually liked his school! Fortunately, he LOVES his new school and we didn't mess up the pick up line. The way it works though, means I can either show up early and sit and knit and be one of the first to get my kid, or I can show up later and spend the time creeping forward as the line moves and not get any knitting done. The answer is clearly obvious here.

Hopefully I will finish this sock later today and then I can start the last second sock from 2008!



Blogger fairy godmother said...

Glad you are all settled in and getting back into a routine. And knitters are everywhere, on Wednesday at work now we are going to knit on our lunch break! Only 30 minutes, but enough time for a few rounds!

7:19 AM  

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