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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Rosebud Pink Wrap

I've been moving along on the Rosebud Pink Wrap.  Since this is filling the gap that sock knitting usually fills, this is what's been going with me to pick Caleb up in the afternoon.  I've been getting at least 3 rows done while I wait each day, which adds about 3/4 inch.  Of course that doesn't count any work I get done later in front of the TV (although I've been ruffling on Pattern 15 lately).  

What's been surprising to me is that while I really liked the look of this wrap and I knew it would make great portable and brainless knitting, I'm not getting bored while I'm knitting it.  It's not as exciting as lace or cables of course, but there's something soothing and rhythmic about it that keeps it from becoming monotonous.  

I tried to get a better picture of the different shades of light pink in the yarn this time and I'm not sure if I succeeded or not.  The edge you see here is the shorter of the two long sides (remember, it's knit on the bias like a giant dishcloth) and now it's about 8-9 inches.  The other long side is much longer, but I'm not at the halfway point yet (I'm supposed to go to 72 inches long on the longer, long side - I know, it's a bit confusing to write about, but trust me - I think.)

Finn and I have been going on nature walks while Caleb is at school and we've seen some really pretty wildflowers.  (We've also seen a wooly worm, which I had to prevent Finn from eating.  We're still working on the idea of Nature Walk versus Nature Buffet.)  I'm going to try to take my camera today and see if we can get some pictures to show you.  Finn likes the looking for squirrels part of the nature walk.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As pink is my weakness, I would love to see a bigger picture of this wrap.

10:08 AM  

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