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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spin, Span, Spun

I finally finished the first bobbin of singles of this Merino and Silk!  The sad part is, I had less than one hour of spinning left to finish it up, but it won't get spun when I don't sit down at the spinning wheel (funny how that works).  I have started spinning the second bobbin of singles and I'm going to really try to get it done faster than the first bobbin.  

In non fiber news, we went to see the new Start Trek movie on Friday.  Mickael and I really enjoyed it and even Caleb, who isn't really familiar with Star Trek (don't worry, we're going to rectify that ASAP), seemed to enjoy it and had no trouble following the plot (although he didn't understand all the jokes and references).

This morning Finn had a bit of excitement:  there was a bunny on our back patio.  I'm hoping the bunny was checking out the lima bean plants that Caleb brought home from school.  None of them have actual beans yet, but one of them is fixing to bloom, so I have high hopes for bunny chow soon.  Finn thought the bunny looked fun and when he went to a closer window to get a better look, the bunny ran off.  That means Finn could have chased him if he was outside and that's SUPER fun for Finn.


Blogger Yarndude said...

You know, I haven't ever seen any Star Trek, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Your spinning looks beautiful, btw.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Katherine said...

Your merino and silk is a gorgeous color!

Finn is such a handsome gentleman! My Jack Russell, Macy, prefers bunnies for chasing to squirrels. When she catches squirrels she bites them but she just nudges the bunnies and plays with them.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is where I admit that I have always been a die hard Trekkie.. seen every single one of the movies.. been to the conventions (didn't do the costume thing though..) and really looking forward to seeing the new movie! (so don't tell me what happens!)

The singles are looking gorgeous (as usual!). Do you already have plans for what you will knit it into?

Let Finn out, a little bunny chasing will be good aerobic exercise! But then the Bunny might not eat the lima beans and you will have to.. tough choice, but then I like lima beans!

(You already knew I was weird, you just didn't know how weird!)

4:37 PM  

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