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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Part of a Second Sock and a big honking error

Today was going to be all about my progress on Pattern 15.  I was going to get a lot of knitting done on it over the weekend.  So I sat down, spread out my charts, got out some beads and started knitting.  On the first row I knit (I am currently about halfway through the charted section right now), I realized there was a mistake - a big one.  The kind of mistake that I can't just mark with a highlighter and go back and correct on the chart file later.  I had to go into the chart file, fix the mistake (did I mention it was huge?) and reprint the chart to continue knitting.  

Unfortunately, Pattern 15 is all on the PC - not on the Mac.  (I am aware that I can put Windows on my Mac, but as far as I'm concerned, that kind of defeats the purpose of switching to a Mac.)  When I went upstairs, Caleb was on the PC.  I asked him to leave it on and let me know when he was done with it and went and did something else.  I was busy when Caleb got off the computer and by the time I got up there, Mickael was on it (it's a family PC).  This is basically how the weekend went, so I couldn't get the chart file corrected until yesterday when everyone went to school and work.  Now the file is corrected (at least up to this point of knitting) and I can get back to work on Pattern 15.

Today's picture though, will not be Pattern 15 as I had planned, but the start of the second Devon sock.  I had a bit of trouble with the flash and had to wash out the color to get any detail to show at all, but you've seen the color of the first sock, so go by that.

Oh, and just in case you were worried about knitting a pattern called Pattern 15, don't worry - it has a name now, I'm just not telling until I launch the pattern.



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