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Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Autumn Leaves Cardi gets a body

I've sewn the sleeves up on the Autumn Leaves Cardi (pattern is Summer Solstice) and have picked up stitches around the lower edge of the yoke to knit down for the body. I've only worked about 1 or 2 inches on the body of the cardi so far. This section seems to be similar to the yoke section in that the actual knitting couldn't be easier, but you have to pay attention to increases and decreases and what to do on what rows. When I pick up the cardi again to knit, I'm going to have to spend some time making notes to keep myself straight as to what's going on. I think an adventurous beginner could probably make this as long they can do math and are obsessive enough to keep notes. While the knitting is easy, it's not a portable project, and I can't watch TV with it if I haven't made notes for what to do on what rows.

For instance, right now there's one thing you do every 4th row, another thing you do every 8th row (along with the 4th row thing) and still another thing you do every 12th row (again, along with the 4th row thing). But when I get to the 24th row, the 8th row and 12th row things will collide and I'll have to do everything on that row. See? Lots of notes, made while I was uninterrupted are the key to successfully knitting this cardi. On the other hand, all these increases and decreases are the details that will make the cardi fit the way it' supposed to, rather than being a shapeless blob. (Shapeless blob = bad, just in case we've never discussed this before.) Once I get fully caffeinated, I'm off to make these notes. I better do them while the house is fairly quiet.



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