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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Star Flowers

I've finished the third ball of yarn now and I have 48 star flower motifs now. The scarf measures 56 inches long, so I'm getting pretty close to where I want it. There was a question about how I was joining the little motifs together last time I blogged this so I'll explain how I'm doing it.

Disclaimer: I really don't know anything about crochet so this may or may not be acceptable in say, state fair quality competition pieces but it fits the three requirements I had, so that's what I'm going with. Oh, and if you're interested, my three requirements are that the star flower motifs stay together, that I don't have any extra ends to weave in, and that I can figure it out with my limited skills.
Basically, I'm joining the motifs as I go and I'm using the design of the motif to do it. At the point of each motif, on the final round of crochet is a "chain 3." This makes a tiny hole right at the points. When I'm working the final round on a new motif, I work the "chain 3" through this little hole on the finished motifs. There are two different joins and I treat them slightly differently. When I join the new motif to a single point, I work the second chain of the "chain 3" through the hole in the finished point. When I join the new motif to two points (as shown in the picture above), I work the first and third chain of the "chain 3" through the holes in the finished points. Just a side note, chaining the motifs through the holes does not allow them to move independently like two interlocking rings on a chain. Because the finished motifs have closed holes, I would have to pull the entire motif through the tiny hole (or the ball of yarn) to work them so they could be interlocking but could move separately. When I started this, in my head that was how it worked so it took me a bit of fiddling to figure out that while I could attach the chains the way I had planned, they would anchor each other together at the points instead of having independent movement. I'm sure someone who really knows what they're doing with a crochet hook already knows this but from the comments I've gotten on this project, it seems that I'm not the only knitter figuring out a bit of crochet.

So far this seems to be working and while this might not be enough of a connection for a worsted weight afghan (don't honestly know, I've never crocheted anything else before), it feels plenty secure for a fingering weight scarf. If there's an experienced crocheter who's reading this and feels that they can explain this better, by all means leave your explanation in the comments - you won't hurt my feelings.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it looks fine to me. I'm a lazy knitter and crocheter so whatever you can do to save time is great. And if you have some leftover yarn you can hold onto it in case you need to reinforce a connection later. Looking great! (PS - It's hard to type with a cat laying across your wrist.)

9:50 AM  

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