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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crocheted Star Flowers Scarf

I've started the third ball of yarn on this scarf and right now I have 39 star flower motifs. I weave in the ends every 6 or 7 stars just to keep things under control. I'm still loving this project, and honestly, just watching the colors change in the yarn is enough to keep me amused. In the picture above, the lower two rows and the motif on the right end of the third row from the bottom are all from the newest ball of yarn. I try to find a ball of yarn that is at least sort of close colorwise to the ball I just finished - in other words, I try to match the outside edge of the previous star to the center of the next star. It doesn't match perfectly and I still haven't figured out what the color repeat is on this yarn. On the other hand, I don't think I have two motifs that are identical yet either.
I also got a modeled shot this morning just to prove that this design does well on the more petite set. Barclay was trying to sit in my lap when I took the picture and Finn was sitting just to the left of the frame, supervising the whole thing. You can see though that if you're smaller, you can just pull the whole scarf up on your head and wear it like a hood for extra warmth - just make sure you tuck in your ears!



Anonymous alison said...

How on earth are the stars joined??

1:27 AM  
Blogger LUCEmarbles said...

Melanie, greetings from East Tx. I was wondering if you would share the pattern for your Crocheted Star Flowers Scarf? I am disabled and I don't have any extra money to order the book. Please let me know!
Blessings, Janet

3:37 PM  

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