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Friday, February 05, 2010


Since I've finally gotten back to spinning around here, I realized that I needed a place to put my water while I was spinning. I have a small table that sits next to me while I spin, but I didn't have a coaster to put the glass on. "Hey!" I thought, "I can make one of those!" So I grabbed some leftover worsted and my little crochet motifs book and made a coaster. This is motif #30, but I did a double crochet border instead of a single crochet border like the pattern calls for - it needed to be a little bit bigger than it was. Then I realized that Caleb might like a coaster to put a glass of water on, or he might do something else with it, but since he'd been asking for a crocheted thing, I grabbed some red (his current favorite color) and some grey to go with and did one for him. His is DK weight and I used the same hook (I don't have very many different sizes of hooks, so I just use what I have) - you can see the size difference that just the yarn weight makes.

These were fast little projects and while mine is functional, I'll have to see what Caleb uses his for. It could be a coaster, or it could be a hat for a toy, or a spaceship, or who knows what he'll use it for - that's the fun in being 9.

Have a great weekend and Go Saints!



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