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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Babette

I guess I've been giving weekly updates on squares for The Babette lately, so here we go again! 8 shiny, new small (not tiny) squares finished. Most of these are two color squares but I experimented with three colors on two of the squares and I like that too. If I'm counting correctly, I think I have 28 squares done so far. I've got to add these to my counting list (yes, I have a counting list, but there are so many squares of various sizes to do that I'll never keep track of them without a list, so in this case it's less my obsessive compulsive issues and more just self preservation), and then I'll know for sure how many I have.

Ramius appreciates all the support in the comments and he wants you to know that he has slept off the memories of the no good, horrible, very bad Monday and he thinks Finn should have a fabulous time when he goes to the vet for his yearly on Friday. Bwah ha ha!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like Babette needs her own spread sheet. You could count by color permutations, how much yellow, size, etc.

It's what computers do best!

12:47 PM  

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