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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Back on Coraline yesterday! I've gotten about 6 inches done on it now. At this point in the design, it's great TV knitting and Ramius doesn't mind sitting on my lap while I knit as long as he doesn't get bashed by it too much. I'm enjoying the subtle color shifts of the yarn as I go along - you can see the slightly lighter and darker stripes in the knitting. What you probably can't see is the tiny bit of sparkle in the yarn. One of the plies began life as a Kitchen Sink Batt (she's currently out of everything in the store, but it looks like she'll be back next week) and those usually have a tiny bit of Angelina in them. Angelina is a very fine metallic fiber you can add in when you card fibers. There is just the perfect amount of sparkle in the finished yarn and in the knitted fabric, you see the sparkle just as it disappears. It almost makes you wonder if you imagined the sparkle, but then you see it somewhere else. It's kind of sneaky that way. Hmmm, sneaky sparkles - sounds fun!



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