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Monday, October 04, 2010


I've just about got it finished! I finished the knitting yesterday and got all the ends woven in. What you see here is a very wet Coraline blocking as it dries. Finn helped me lay it out on the towels (he's always up for anything that might involve wet wool) and then he looked at buttons with me. In the pattern, she shows just a few buttons in the yoke area and lets the rest of the cardi swing free. I'm thinking I might put buttons all the way up the front so I can close the whole thing or only do a few buttons and let it swing. When it's all dry, I'll try it on again and decide what I want to do. I've already tried it on a few times when I was checking the neckline and it fits just like I wanted it to fit. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Finn and I chose a dark, iridescent shell button with blues and greens in it. I thought it might be too dark at first and was planning on a regular, light shell button, but the darker ones look better in person. I tried to get a picture but it's photographing very silvery and not showing the colors. You can't see much of the stitch detail on the yoke picture either, but I took these last night and had to use flash, which washed out the details. I will do one more post for this sweater and try to get some daylight shots (and maybe some modeled ones) of it all finished with buttons!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really pretty! I'm not a great sweater knitter so excuse stupid question :>)

Don't you have to knit button holes for the number of buttons?

I love your dallas towels!!


9:41 PM  

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