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Thursday, September 23, 2010


I finally got started on the back of Metro yesterday. I should be able to get it all knitted up fairly quickly since the back is much simpler than the fronts. Right now there's just not that much to see, just a black sweater-in-progress. I would distract you with a picture of Ramius, but he's giving me dirty looks since I just gave him his medicine and Finn is curled up asleep in the other room (he can see me where he's at, if he opens his eyes, but he likes to sleep on the wool rug more than the tile floor of the kitchen - can't blame him).

I love this time of the morning - everything is quiet around here, Caleb and Mickael are off at school and work, and it's just me and the boys. I've got a cup of tea next to the computer (must. have. caffeine.) and I can sit here and watch the birds make pigs of themselves at the birdfeeder, watch fluffy clouds roll by and just take a minute to myself before the day really gets going. Soon I'll be getting laundry together, cleaning up the house (how is it possible that Finn still has hair on his body?), and getting myself cleaned up and pulled together so I can get errands run and everything taken care of, then I'll be off - here, there, and back and forth. I won't have another bit of quiet time until after dinner, right before bed - if I'm lucky, but right now, this is my time to breathe.



Blogger Jan said...

The Metro looks intriguing. Sometimes the photos look very black and sometimes more charcoal. I'll have to re-read earlier posts to see what yarn you're using. I'm eager for the results. Busy days for a young mom. I remember them well, and I also remember how much I cherished those quiet times.

1:23 PM  

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