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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowbird - Getting its Wings

I got Snowbird off the broken cable and finished up the part where the body and sleeves are all one section. (I suppose the proper term for that is "yoke.") I've got the body (fronts and back) on a holder now and I'm working on the sleeves, both of them at the same time. This pattern is written to knit the sleeves flat (although it does include notes for working them in the round) so it's very easy to knit them both at the same time. (The sleeves are the two V shaped things on the needles - Snowbird is not in a very photogenic place right now.)

Since it's been a while since I've knit anything flat, I'll explain why I like to knit flat sleeves at the same time. Most of the time, sleeves are identical in their shaping, so by knitting them at the same time I not only have an identical gauge from one sleeve to the other, but all shaping (and shaping mistakes) should be identical. The end result is two identical sleeves. You can also use this with fronts on a cardigan although cardigan fronts aren't identical, they're mirror images of each other. The only thing you'll need to work two pieces of a sweater at the same time is a second ball of yarn and a bit of patience because sometimes the yarns get wrapped around each other a bit.



Anonymous Ginger said...

I'm working 2 sleeves at once right now as well.

12:17 PM  

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