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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Man Sock, The Sequel

I'm well on my way on the second Man Sock! Between the snow and ice, everyone of us getting sick and the science fair, the last three weeks or so have not really given me much waiting and knitting time. Yesterday was a regular Monday again though and this week should be much more "normal" for us (normal being what usually happens around here, not normal in any sense of the word that the rest of you might understand it). So, I'm back to having time to work on the Man Sock. Of course it's starting to get warm here (at least this week) so Mickael has probably lost a bit of his enthusiasm for his Man Socks, but I'm sure that it will be cold next Winter and he'll wear them then.

I had planned on getting pictures of the Valentine Incinerator for the blog, but it got a bit beat up and isn't really in one piece anymore (4th grade is a dangerous place). He did get voted "Most Original Use of Materials" by his class for his Valentine's Box and all the other boys loved the idea. The girls' Valentines boxes were very pink and red and glittery and pretty - one girl even had flashing lights!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flashing lights? I see Future Texas Beauty Queen in that girl's future!

12:06 PM  

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