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Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm not really working on this poor cardigan very much lately, but it is getting a little bit of attention. I'm still on the sleeves and I'm probably about halfway done with them. I realize this is not the best picture, but Snowbird is in a weird place photographically right now - there's no way to get a good picture of it at the moment. It's not really Snowbird's fault it's being ignored right now, it's just that beads and lace are very distracting and Snowbird isn't portable like the Man Sock. On the other hand, once they're all knitted up, a cardigan like Snowbird will probably see more time being worn than the other projects will.

We lived through the storm yesterday, although Caleb has now had snow days for 5 of the last 7 school days. (Not that he's complaining.) The weather people are saying that this should be the last big, cold storm to come through for this Winter and things should start to slowly warm up. I'm SO over being cold! Fingers crossed that the weather people (and the groundhog, who probably knows more anyway) are right.



Blogger Vanessa said...

Love the color of your cardigan - this year has definitely had its share of snow storms for sure - I think we got away easy the last two years - I live in Upstate NY and we are making up for it.
Honestly - I work in a college and when there are snow days I am in heaven - home with my kids and having a fun day in PJ's (minus the shoveling)

2:20 PM  

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